About us

Bottle Rocket is a series of high-proof gin cocktails which includes both classics and own
inventions – all elegantly handcrafted to perfection and barrel aged to achieve even more

It is an idea that has evolved from product development stages inside the walls of Njord LIGALAB
and has now become a product and brand of its own.

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What is LIGALAB?

In 2017, we created Njord LIGALAB (Liquid Gastronomy Laboratory), and together with
researchers from Aarhus University, cocktail specialists from Cocktailkonsortiet and the Michelin starred Restaurant Domestic we started a structured research and exploration within related areas of
liquid gastronomy.

Most of the research projects undertaken within LIGALAB doesn’t go all the way to becoming a real product, but every once in a while we stumble upon something which is truly unique.

The Bottle Rocket cocktail series is one of those projects. By barrel ageing a whole cocktail we are able to create flavour and smoothness not seen before.

The Dry Martini, Martinez and Negroni are well-known classics and the are accompanied by two new concoctions – the Bittersweet and Decorum. They appeal to different tastes but share the smoothness achieved by barrel ageing.